Phyllis Rutka Named Sandia Designee


Trustee Patt Gibbs has appointed Phyllis Rutka as the First of Two Designees at Sandia.

Phyllis Rutka, OPEIU Local 251’s newly appointed Designee at Sandia National Laboratories, Inc., has been an OPEIU Member at Sandia National Laboratories for more than seven years, and she has a long family history of union membership. Besides herself, her husband, father, brothers, and in-laws have all been union members in the Detroit area.

Phyllis has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Office Management from the Detroit College of Business, and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from Davenport University. 

She worked as an administrative professional in higher education for many years while living in Michigan, and was the office manager at Joy Junction in Albuquerque before coming to Sandia.  Phyllis has been an O.A.A. insecurity, and more recently in the Center for Computing Research. 

Phyllis is looking forward to meeting all of Sandia’s OPEIU Members and assisting the membership with answering questions, addressing concerns, and representing them in work issues.

If you need to contact Phyllis, please email her at:

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