Would a union really help me or my co-workers?

Would a union really help me or my co-workers?


Absolutely!  By uniting with Local 251, you will have a collective bargaining agreement (a labor contract) with your employer that focuses upon matters important to you and your co-workers, like:


  1. Compensation rates

  2. Benefits

  3. Health and safety issues

  4. Retirement plans

  5. Company policies and work rules

  6. All other work-related concerns you may have.  


America's middle class built itself by unionization in the decades after World War II, but, over the latter part of the 20th century and early 21st, union membership has steeply declined.  This was due to intentional, well-orchestrated attacks upon workers' rights by big corporations and their Super PACs, and it has created a complete reversal of income distribution favoring only the very richest among us.  Our economy has been reverted to pre-Great Depression inequality.  That wasn't by accident or coincidence. 



The good news is that we can fix this exactly how we fixed it 80 years ago -- by unionizing!  Union employees work together to bring their concerns, needs, and issues before their employer and by demanding improvements.  

Collectively your unionized voice will be far, far stronger than any solitary worker's voice could ever be.  We know it, becasue we are living it everyday.  Our Members have the the highest wages for our job categories in the entire state.  No wonder our members stay at our job sites for life!

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